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Aug 22, 2017

Good Eats!

OMG!!! Bud Jones Bayou......
This little place in Tyler, Texas may be considered by some, a hole in the wall but let me tell you, it is a fantastic, little known eatery. If you love Cajun food like I do, you will fall in love with this place. The catfish, shrimp and oysters lunch Mr. Cowboy and I had was to die for. The seasoning was just right and the flavors just burst in your mouth with each bite.
I could go on and on about Bud Jones Bayou, as you can probably tell. You'll just have to try it out yourself.
Here's me & the owner, Sarah. I was so happy to get to meet her. The service is great, the waitress friendly & the food excellent! I give it 2 thumbs up & 5 stars!
If you're ever in Tyler, pop in & do lunch.

Aug 18, 2017

Just Not Feeling It!!

Greetings blogger friends!
I hope that everyone is having a great summer and are about to enjoy the weekend.  As for me.......sigh......I'm in a slump when it comes to sewing anything. I go into my sewing room thinking I'll sew but wind up just standing at my ironing surface staring into nothingness.
Just this morning I was looking at all my scraps and some of my favorite Fractured Diamond quilts, hoping to just sit and sew but just looking thru the strips of fabric I lost interest. I did check my temperature but nothing was amiss there.
Does anyone else feel this way these day? If so, please let me know how you are dealing with it.
I don't even have the desire to purchase fabric.....I know, I know, something is terribly wrong, right?
I may need to schedule a doctor's appointment!!!

Aug 6, 2017

Big Fish

First, I'd like to thank everyone who has commented on my recent posts. For some reason, I've been unable to respond via email. So please don't think I'm ignoring you. So until I figure out what I'm doing wrong I will comment via posting for the most part.
"No worries," some of you mentioned that is when you need to worry or famous last words. Cowboy seems to know what he's doing most of the time so I'm the one left biting my nails but I think most females are that way. At least that's my case.
Now to that big fish I mentioned. Mr. Cowboy decided to cast a line in the lake the other day & landed this beauty. He weighed 10lbs. We thought about cleaning & doing a fish fry but it was such a pretty bass & we didn't have the heart to gut him. So back into the lake he went. "Whew," I can imagine the bass saying to his buddies. "That was a close one boys. Stay away from the light & shiny objects!"
Laugh out loud! 
Mr. Cowboy's brother built him this great work bench which everyone immediately says should also act as a picnic table....sigh! Guys!!!!!

Aug 4, 2017

Oh My Word!

Things are happening quickly around the old farm, so much so that my head is spinning. This morning Mr. Cowboy decided that I needed to help him move some "stuff" so off we go to do just that. We start with the disc thingy.
All of a sudden he stops in the middle of road (a farm to market road but it does have fast moving traffic on it) to pick up some lumber. I hope you can see the two pieces of lumber (old planks, I might add) he placed on the disc without securing them. "Oh," he said, "they will be fine, no worries," which translates to me......WORRY!
Also note that tiny dot in the distance gaining on us quickly.
I'm chewing my nails off as we bounce along but Mr. Cowboy is as cool as a cucumber.....sigh!!
By the time I could snap this photo, the truck had passed us, nearly blowing off the doors on the tractor. This FM road has a speed limit of 60mph. I think that guy was going 80 or better. I was just happy he got around us without incident.
Other than that, all is well.  Have a great weekend everyone!!

Aug 3, 2017

A Big Thank You & More

Greetings Everyone!!
I want to thank you for wishing me a Happy Birthday (twice) in some cases because I couldn't remember how old I am.....hehehehehehehehehehehe!!
I've been very busy celebrating and visiting with the little people. Let's just say, this old girl could barely keep up with Buzz Woody and the Firecracker!!! And yes, she is a girl and extremely active. I'm going to have to take more vitamins or something.
Also, thank you for your comments from "What's That, You Asked?" I laughed a lot especially when reading the comments from Chantal, Diane and Joyce.
As for my memory, it comes and goes. I swear I can walk from one room to another and forget why I went in there. But, hey, this started years ago so I can't blame it on the age thing. LOL!!!
Hope everyone is enjoying their week. Take care until my next adventure or fiasco.

Aug 1, 2017


I don't know my own age...laugh out loud! I'm actually 62. The mind is the first thing to go!!

Another Birthday

Hi everyone!!
I'm celebrating 64 years of life today. I know that some folks don't like to share their ages with anyone but I've never been that way. My students use to ask how old I was & I'd always tell them. It was fun to see their expressions. Some would even remark that I was as old as their parents!! I'd just smile.
Anyway, I'm enjoying life, nature, family, etc.

Jul 30, 2017

What's That, You Asked?

See this thingy. Mr. Cowboy and I were out driving around the other day, just having a great time when all of a sudden he slams on the breaks. We came to screeching halt in the middle of our county road. He throws the truck in reverse, opens his door, leans down to pick up this thingy. I thought he was crazy for stopping in the middle of the road. He say's excitedly, "Do you know what this is?"
I'm still glaring at him, heart pounding terror that someone would come barreling over the hill to plow into us. "No," I say and "Can we please get moving!"
As he started driving again, he explains what the thingy is, a clevis, he says is used as a type of buckle or shackle to link things together. He goes on to tell me the possibilities of how he's going to use the thingy.
Ladies, guys, has anyone else experienced this behavior with your significant other???? He drives me crazy sometimes.
Onto sewing life.....
I finely decided to sit at my machine to stitch out an embroidery design. For several minutes I tried to bring up the thread from my bobbin without success. I changed needles, I cleaned the bobbin case, I changed bobbin thread a couple of times before remembering.......
that I needed to thread the needle to bring up the bobbin thread......sigh. Has it really been that long since I've sewn something? Obviously, yep.
I hope that no one else is having mental lapses like me.

Jul 23, 2017

This Old Jar

This old jar has been in my canning jar collection for years. In fact if belonged to my grandma. I can just picture her jelly or jam canned in this jar. 
I don't know if you noticed but all around the jar's surface are little squares but on the front of the jar there's a smooth area for labeling.
How cool is that!!! 
It's a Ball jar. On the bottom there's an ID # - 5014-T.  How exciting!!!!
I've canned using this jar many times but now I think I'll retire this old gal.
Any canner out there with interesting stories or items to share??

Jul 15, 2017

Prescription Medication

I'll bet you thought I was going to talk about the high cost of meds these days. Nope, that's for another time.
Do you see that little brown tab I'm pointing to on the prescription bottle?  That tab was nearly the death of me.  No one told me that the prescription bottle tops were going to be changed to some new fangled thingy. I was just getting use to the push down hard while turning the bottle top method. Now this!!!!! 
I tried the old way.
I tried pulling.
I tried chewing the darn thing off.
Mr. Cowboy came in from the hay fields during the chewing part and asked what I was doing. When I showed him, he had the nerve to smile, pull the tap downward and open the bottle. I was very annoyed with him and asked how he figured out how to open the bottle. He said that one of the grandkids had showed him..............well good grief.....why didn't I think of that. Give it to a kid and it would have been opened in seconds.............SIGH

On a brighter note. A couple of months ago, I taught a class to a guild on minis using Texas and an eagle as the theme.  I recently visited them and one lady showed off her finished quilt. Of course the photo doesn't do it justice.  She was very proud of her flying geese around the center block and so was I. Great job!!!!

Jul 13, 2017

3 Day Pickles

A very dear friend called me up the other day and offered me cucumbers from her garden. I had thought that after the fig canning episode, I'd not be canning anything else anytime soon. However, I couldn't turn down those cukes!
Three days and sixteen pints later I'm a happy camper. I think I've shared the recipe before but I've sped up one or two things along the way.
You will need:
4 gallons or 50 thinly sliced cucumbers
2 packages of canning lime
1 gallon apple cider vinegar
8 lbs. sugar
4 Tablespoons salt (no iodine)
4 Tablespoons pickling spices
1 bag of ice 
  • Mix lime with 2 gallons of water in a very large cooking pot. After lime is dissolved add sliced cucumbers. At this point, I place several plates on top of the cucumbers to weigh them down, then cover with the top of the pot or a clean dish towel. Let stand for 24 hours.
  • Rinse lime mixture from cucumbers until water is clear. I use to rinse them in my kitchen sink but this took forever. Now, I set up a portable table outside, using the water hose and several big colanders, the rinsing takes only a few minutes with little fuss.
  • Next, pour ice over cucumbers which cools the lime process even more. This will take about 3 hours.
  • During that time mix sugar and vinegar in a pot.  To add the pickling spices cut an eight inch square of cheese cloth, pour the spices into the middle and secure with a twisty or rubber band. Place into sugar/vinegar mix.  Stir the mixture often until sugar is dissolved.
  • After three hours are up, rinse ice from cucumbers and add the sugar/vinegar/spices to the cucumbers. Weigh them down and cover. Let stand for 12 to 15 hours.
  • Now it's time for the canning process. I do the hot bath method but you can do whatever you choose. 
  • I know this is a lot but it's worth all the effort.  BTW, you can always cut the recipe in half!! Experiment by adding different spices.

Jul 10, 2017

It's Too Much, I Give Up!!

So I had an hour or so to myself so I thought. I decided to do some much needed grocery shopping.

As I was enjoying myself shopping Mr. Cowboy called to ask where I was. Unfortunately, (1) I asked the call and (2) I told him where I was.......sigh......will I never learn.
He sent me on a mission to the hardware store to purchase some stuff for his well pump. Who knew that were so many parts, sizes, names, etc. It was overwhelming.
When I asked for help as the Costumer desk this is what was broadcasted over the loudspeaker. "Customer needs help in plumbing!" Three minutes later, "Customer needs help in plumbing!" Five minutes later.....well you see where I going with this. Not only was there no help but Mr. Cowboy was conveniently out of reach on the farm.  What to do? I'll show him!!!!! I bought several sizes, several parts and loads of PVC pipe. HA!
When he saw what I bought and I told him why I bought all that stuff, he quietly loaded up all that stuff and walked away.  I don't think he'll be asking where I am, again, any time soon........smiley face!!! 

On a brighter note.....above and below are the "boys" that we've been raising from tiny things. They are so gentle and sweet.  The other day we went working on a water trough when they ambled up, looked at us for awhile then turned to Mr. Cowboy's new truck and started to rub their bodies on the bumper.
I didn't get a photo of that but when we shooed them away, they all turned and look sad that we had run them off.
It's rainy here during the late afternoons then 98 degrees before the sun goes down.
What's everybody up to these days???? Hopefully not stuck in a hardware store.....LOL!!

Jul 6, 2017

What Have I Been Doing, You Ask?

Not sewing.............sigh!!
See that circle thingy? Whatever it is, Mr. Cowboy's hay baling has nearly come to a grinding halt because "it" needs fixing. He's told me the name of it several times but with all the fetching I've had to do for him......."go that this"......."bring me that"..........."hand me the hex"........ "not that screwdriver"............."get me the three-quarter lug"
Some of this stuff is so heavy I can barely manage to pick it up.........sigh!!!
It's hot, as in 93 and steamy. I'm soaking wet and need to go and dunk myself in a very cold tub.

For the moment, Mr. Cowboy is off to find some part or another. I'm having a big glass of iced tea.
I just noticed the name of the baler.....Krone..........I feel like an old crone at the moment......LOL!!!

Soon we'll be back to cutting, raking and baling........sigh!! I need a vacation.

Jun 28, 2017

A Winner & Oh my gosh!

I had some time on my hands and for some unknown reason I was drawn to my sewing room, decided to do some cleaning and refolding. But things got out of hand. I started pulling out drawers of fabric. I got a wild hair to organize things "again" and now the room looks like someone threw a fit in there.
I have piles of fabric everywhere.  Mr. Cowboy took one look at the room and tried to back out of the house before I caught him for the drawing.....hehehehehehehe

Carol over at Carol-Beads & Birds is the winner of the FQ. Sorry it took so long for Mr. Cowboy to draw a name from the hat.  Hay season is in full swing here.    Congratulations to Carol!!! Leave a comment and tell me your favorite color and I'm contact you via email later for more info.

Jun 20, 2017

What??? Figs!!!

This morning I was minding my own business because Mr. Cowboy was off to the hay fields. I was all set to "think" about sewing something when the phone rang. It was Mr. Cowboy no less, asking if I wanted some figs. As I hesitated to answer, he broke into my thoughts of how to get out of this situation, "Good, I'll bring them right over to the house. Better still, meet me half way," then he hung up.
Deep breaths, inner peace, inner peace, more deep breaths!
Off I went to meet him half way.  Four Wal-Mart grocery bags filled to the tippie top later.............!!!
Lots of trimming stems adding sugar and I also added some marinated orange slices into the large pot.
Lots of stirring as the mixture started to boil so that it wouldn't stick to the bottom of the pot....whispering to myself.....inner peace, inner peace, inner peace.
13 pints later.....canned figs. 
 Mr. Cowboy must sense my mood because he has failed to come in for lunch.......hehehehehehehehehehe!!
Rule #1 - Never plan anything.
Rule #2 - Don't even think about planning anything.
Rule #3 - Don't answer the phone but if you do, remember rule #1!!
My recipe for figs are as follows:
No measurements here.
Figs, a large pot full, rinsed, trimmed of stems
To the figs add a bag of sugar, two pounds if you don't want it too sweet or if you're like me, the four pound bag works just fine.
Bring to a boil and then to a simmer for at least 30 to 45 minutes. You will need to stir when mixture is boiling so that it doesn't stick.
Now can the figs in mason jars and the hot bath. This type of canning is easily found on the Internet.

Jun 18, 2017

Roll Foot & a Winner

Greetings everyone!! Before I pop off to church here's wishing all those dads out there 
"Happy Father's Day" and many more. My dad passed away many years ago but his teachings have aided me many times over.
Now onto the next foot.  You are looking at the roll hem foot from my Pfaff & Janome machines. They are very similar. Of course I have never used either because I'm not a seamstress, although my mom wishes I were!! She keeps asking me to alter this and that or make some curtains for windows.......OMG mom, I'm not a s-e-a-m-s-t-r-e-s-s!!!!!  Ok, that's off my chest. Mr. Cowboy finally came out of the hay fields to draw a name from the "hat." The winner is GeneCongratulations to Gene. Just email me your favorite color and I'll get your FQ mailed off very soon.
To everyone who leaves a comment, you'll be placed in the hat for the next drawing.  Wait until you see the next strange foot I'll be featuring soon. Until then may you have love, peace and joy in your life!!


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